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We are living a time of transitions. We experience human dramas, increasing insecurity, environmental degradation but at the same time we can witness the emergence of more human values, a growing interest for mindfulness practices, increasing support for the people in need and numerous actions to fight environmental issues. And those are only some examples…

This site is aimed at presenting two topics that are very important to me.

  • The « Reinventing Brussels » project that aims at connecting all the initiatives existing in Brussels whose objective is to render Brussels more agreeable lo live in, open to all cultures, using the resources of its own hospitality and love of life to create a welcoming sustainable city with deep human values.
  • The Theory U methodology and its learning journey the Lab that will be used to reach the objective of this project. This in-depth change methodology has become part of a worldwide social innovation movement. Personally it changed me and I am convinced that it will be useful to accompany us to address the changes needed for the « Reinventing Brussels » project.

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The u.Lab journey will enable us to initiate the « Reinventing Brussels” project. This 2 months’ program is free and combines online learning with face-to-face activities to enable participants to collectively put into practice the on-line learning. You can follow the u.Lab without taking part in the “Reinventing Brussels” project, working on your own project or without any special project in mind!

You are invited to a « Taster Meeting » on 1st September if you want to have a better idea of what it is. (Registration).

This site is bilingual, English and French. The FR sign in the menu is used to indicate a page in French. The working language of the workshops will be English but everybody is free to speak French or Dutch if they prefer.

To visit this site, I would advise you first read the page explaining the project “Reinventing Brussels“, then the pages on theory U and the U.LAB.

For more info, don’t hesitate to contact me :

  • vincent.dewaele@gmail.com
  • my site